The lonely duck 🦆

Once upon a time, there was a little duck named Daisy. She was different from all the other ducks in her pond. While the other ducks would swim and play together, Daisy would always paddle off by herself. The other ducks didn’t understand why she preferred to be alone, and they often made fun of her for it.

Daisy didn’t mind though, she enjoyed her solitude. She would spend her days paddling around the pond, taking in the beautiful scenery and listening to the peaceful sound of the water. However, as the days went by, Daisy started to feel more and more lonely. She longed for the companionship of the other ducks, but she didn’t know how to make friends.

One day, a new duck named Jack arrived at the pond. Jack was different from the other ducks too, he was a little shy and didn’t know how to swim very well. Daisy saw that Jack was struggling, so she paddled over to him and offered to teach him how to swim.

Jack was grateful for Daisy’s help, and they quickly became friends. Daisy was thrilled to have a companion, and she was happy to share her love of the pond with Jack. The other ducks saw how kind Daisy was to Jack and they started to see her in a different light. They realized that they had been wrong to make fun of her and they apologized.

From that day on, Daisy and Jack were inseparable. They would swim and play together, and the other ducks welcomed them both into their group. Daisy was no longer lonely, she had a true friend in Jack. And the other ducks learned that it’s important to be kind and understanding, because you never know what someone might be going through.

The end.

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